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loadlin parted

From: Dave Waller
Subject: loadlin parted
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 14:11:17 -0600

Close butno cigar.

The dd magic number is 582 but this results in a non loadable kernel and
image.   At least that is what is happening on my VAIO with Windows Mil
Ed.  I will have to do some more reading.

This is what I get after I do

#dd if=partboot-1.4.4.img of=kernel.img bs=1k count=582
#dd if=partboot-1.4.4.img of=initrd.img bs=1k skip=582

c:\loadlin kernel.img initrd=initrd.img

LOADLIN v1.6 (C) 1994..1996 Hans Lermen <address@hidden>

Your current LINUX kernel boot configuration is:
  image file:       kernel.img
  kernel version    2.2.14-5.0BOOT (address@hidden) #1 Tue
Mar 7 20:31:32 EST 2000
  kernel size:     0x8E8D0 (high loaded)    setup size:  0x0E00, heap:
  VGA mode:         0xFFFF
  command line (size 0x0015):

Your current DOS/CPU configuration is:
  load buffer size: 0x0406F000 XMS , setup buffer size:  0x3E00
  lowmem buffer:    0x00080000 (part of load buffer)
  total memory:     0x040FFC00
  CPU is in REAL mode
  SetupIntercept: YES, legal intercept, setup header version 0201
  stat1: cpu in real 386 mode, no need to backswitch
  input params (size 0x001D):
    kernel.img initrd=initrd.img
  LOADLIN started from DOS-prompt
  You are running under MS-WINDOWS or Windows 95

ERROR detected, Linux not loaded

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