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converting a whole disk to a partition disk

From: Glenn McGrath
Subject: converting a whole disk to a partition disk
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 12:04:23 +1100

Im pretty sure its possible use an ide disk as a whole disk (e.g. hda)
instead of a partitioned disk (e.g hda1) as is normally the case.

If a whole disk is created and formated, anyone know of a way to convert
it no destructively to a partitioned disk, parted doesnt handle this at
the moment does it ?

In theory it wouldnt be too hard to do, the fs on the whole disk could
be shrunk and move clear of the partition table and other reserved space
(moved past sector 63 or whatever), then make a correct partition entry
for the fs that was moved.

I guess if the start of ext2 partitions cant be moved it would mean it
would only work for fat fs's

Sound liek a good idea ?


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