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Re: [PATCH] allow -Werror on IA-64 with GPT enabled

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: [PATCH] allow -Werror on IA-64 with GPT enabled
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001 20:22:53 +0200
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> I've posted a patch against 1.4.20-pre2, which already includes the GPT
> patch (thanks!) to set printf'ing of 64-bit values based on the platform
> type.  Currently, on IA-64, with the -Werror flag passed to gcc, the build
> fails because %llx doesn't work for printing 64-bit values (even though long
> long is 64 bits on both x86 and IA-64).  With this patch, you no longer have
> to --disable-Werror when configuring on IA-64.
> http://domsch.com/linux/parted/parted-1.4.20-pre2-gpt-printf.patch

A few things: please send a change log.  Parted seems to be using a
GNU'ish type change log style, of course, you could mimic what you
find in the ChangeLog file.  Second, small patches are nice inline.
Finally, consider using the `-p' option with diff so it is trivial to
see what functions you are changing.

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