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Parted 1.4.20

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Parted 1.4.20
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 23:06:26 +1000
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Hi all,

Changes: (since 1.4.19)
* libparted/disk_gpt.c: did %s/\%llx/" PRIx64 "/g
* configure.in: added "-Wno-format" to CFLAGS, because the PRIx64 macros
seem to confuse gcc.
* new po/da.po (thanks Keld!)
* libparted/fs_ext2/ext2_mkfs.c (ext2_mkfs_init_sb): s_rev_level:
changed from PED_CPU_TO_LE16 from PED_CPU_TO_LE32 (this broke all big
endian ext2 mkfs's :( ).
* applied gpt patch from Matt Domsch (sorry I took so long!).  If a GPT
disk doesn't have a valid protective MBR, then it gives the option of either
removing the GPT stuff or creating a valid protective MBR.
* misc cleanups in gpt (libparted/disk_gpt.c)
* libparted/disk.c (ped_partition_new): the check for attempts to create
extended partitions on non-extended partition tables was extended to logical
partitions as well
* new po/de.po
* parted/ui.h (interactive_mode, non_interactive_mode): now accept a
PedDevice** rather than a PedDevice*: motivation: the caller (main) needs
to know what the current open device is (to close it, or whatever).
(This is a bit yucky... perhaps [non_]interactive_mode should be responsible
for opening/closing?)
* parted/parted.c (main): pass pointers to dev to (interactive_mode,
* parted/ui.c (interactive_mode, non_interactive_mode): dev is now a
* new po/gl.po


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