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address@hidden: Re: gettext and inttypes.h]

From: Martin v. Loewis
Subject: address@hidden: Re: gettext and inttypes.h]
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 21:46:37 +0200
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Bruno has suggested a different approach.


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From: Bruno Haible <address@hidden>

A different, simpler recommendation is the following code:

   char buf1[100];
   char buf2[100];
   sprintf (buf1, "%" PRIx64, (*gpt)->Signature);
   sprintf (buf2, "%" PRIx64, GPT_HEADER_SIGNATURE);
   printf (_("GUID Partition Table Header Signature is wrong: %s should be %s", 
buf1, buf2);

This one has the advantages: 1. no double-format strings, 2. no extra
memory allocation.

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