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misbehaving partitions

From: Don Mulvey
Subject: misbehaving partitions
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 11:08:19 -0600

Hi Andrew,  I have a couple of scenarios and was wondering what your
opinion would be regarding them.

(1) I have seen an occasion where an ebr chain of logical drives has a
freespace in the middle of it ... and ... an ebr partition table that
simply chains to the next logical drive, using
an extended partition record.  This leaves a cylinder of freespace on the
drive in the middle of the extended partition and seems really strange to
me because the ebr chain now chains freespace.    Sorta like this ... MBR
... EBR0 ... FREESPACE ... EBR1  ... DATA_PARTITION.    You see what I
mean?   EBR0 uses a track of diskspace and the only partition record in its
table is the extended partition record that chains to EBR1.   I think the
answer is to throw away EBR0 during discovery (disk probe?) and chain the
MBR to EBR1.  Otherwise, you create a metadata segment for EBR0 that is 1
track and a Freespace segment that is 1 track shy from being a full

(2) If one uses fdisk to create partitions, it will add logical drives to
the end of the ebr chain and get partitions out of physical order.  Other
partitioning tools may not like this or have this same behavior.  So, what
should the correct behavior be?    The evms os2 seg mgr currently mimics
fdisk but I am about to change it because it doesn't make sense ... it
really should mimic what os2 does ... and os2 lays them down in physical
order.   However, the default seg mgr is a different story.   How do you
think it should behave ... i.e.  should logical partitions be added and
named in physical order?


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