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Cloning problems (Was: Need comments on my 'Parted as Norton ghost repla

From: andreas t
Subject: Cloning problems (Was: Need comments on my 'Parted as Norton ghost replacement')
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 16:41:30 -0000

>--from  Andrew  Clausen  <address@hidden>--

>A  better  strategy  (which  will  get  rid  of  that  warning  later
> on,  etc.)
>is  to  use  Parted  to  copy...  it  can  resize  as  it  copies  ;)


now I have used parted to clone some different pc's with different hardware and 
different hdd setups according to section 8 i the parted manual.

One pc has got two drives on the primary ide interface with one partition on 
each drive and another has got only one drive with two partitions.

After successfully dumping a clone into the partitions I experience problems 
using fdisk from msdos and the xosl boot manager. Fdisk beeps and exits right 
away when I start it and Xosl complaints that it cannot find drive C: when I 
try to install it.
Any ideas? Of course I can switch to another boot loader but these problems are 
a bit worrying. I don't want to use Parted on a large scale before I know what 
this is about.

I use kernel version 2.4.5 with a statically compiled Parted v1.4.16

kind regards

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