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Re: [Evms-devel] Parted 1.5.5-pre1

From: Don Mulvey
Subject: Re: [Evms-devel] Parted 1.5.5-pre1
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 18:08:25 -0600

Hi Andrew,

You've been a busy guy.  Just stopped into work to pull down this release
and check it out.

>This (development) release of Parted moves _arch* functions into
>vtables, and adds a PedArchitecture abstraction, so you can register
>your own architecture (eg: EVMS ;), which can provide devices, and
>an interface for communicating updates to the "arch's" kernel.
>(eg: instructing it to reread the partition table, or checking if
>a partition is mounted, etc.)

Very Cool!

>This change is motivated by EVMS (see previous thread)... so I hope
>you guys like it!  (Please complain if you don't!)  I hope it should be
>trivial to port EVMS to libparted now (<200 lines?)

I'll be checking it out this evening ... perhaps.

>I originally thought it wouldn't make sense to allow more than one
>architecture in a binary.  However, on Linux, for example, the
>libparted .so will want to support Linux, but the EVMS engine will want
>to be able to switch to EVMS.  These changes DON'T allow libparted to
>simulatenously have direct access to Linux devices and say EVMS
>devices.  Only one arch at a time is allowed.  This simplifies things
>a little bit (everything goes through one global variable, rather than
>each device and partition table knowing what arch it is).  Is this ok?

Gotta check it out ... 1 arch at a time cuz 1 vtable in libparted ...
right?  But (if you wanted to do so) each process could instantiate
libparted.so with a different arch ... right?

>I haven't tested the GNU/Hurd code (I still haven't installed it - anyone
>got a box I can ssh into?  Since I'll be travelling soonish, installing
>it won't help much anyway).  I don't think there should be any problems...

Travelling whereish?


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