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Feature/ui suggestions

From: andreas t
Subject: Feature/ui suggestions
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 08:44:36 -0000

>From a user's point of view, these are some things I've come to think of/miss 
>when using Parted (which over all is getting pretty darn great :-)

feature/ui suggestions for parted

* More consequent confirmation questions. When creating the first primary fat 
partition the user has to enter 'OK' to use FAT32 but when creating a second 
primary fat the user has to enter 'YES'

* Progress-bar would be lovely. I see it on the todo-list but I'll mention it 
again :-)

* Clearly show the default options on all user interactive questions by 
presenting them as "[Yes] No" or "YES/no" or something similar.

* Output the (default) choices made when running in --script mode to standard 

* ntfs resizing would kick Norman Ghost's butt. (Is the ntfs support in Parted 
directly dependent on the progress of the ntfs support for the linux kernel?)

Have you seen http://www.norada.com/tour ?

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