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GPT probe: signature vs checksum

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: GPT probe: signature vs checksum
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 15:00:33 +1100
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Hi all  (/me glances in Matt's direction ;)

I'm currently wading through the GPT code, the main goal being
porting to 1.5.x... but I can never resist "cleaning" (very subjective)
code I play with *grin*

ANYway... the GPT probing code has the wrong semantics, IMHO.  It
is checking for a VALID gpt table, when it should merely be searching
for a gpt table.  It should be checking signatures ONLY.  Not
checksums.  (And perhaps this 0xEE partition thing).

Checksum checking should be happening during gpt_open() (1.4.x)
or gpt_read (1.5.x).


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