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Re: Hi - 4/12/01

From: Margaret Clausen
Subject: Re: Hi - 4/12/01
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 18:12:24 +1100 (EST)

 --- Margaret Clausen <address@hidden>
wrote: > Hi Darling,
> How are you going? We'll be very glad to hear news
> of
> you from San Paulo as the Yanks have just issued
> another terrorist warning this evening on the news -
> their third since Sept 11 - lets hope its nothing. 
> Can you contact us when you get there please Darling
> -
> not that Im anxious at all. (!) How has your flight
> been?  
> Had barely got home from the airport when there was
> a
> phone call from the US for Ralf - Linda someone. 
> Gave
> her the phone number for Connectiva, which she said
> she'd try. 
> Darling the other thing that could be important to
> you
> is that the internet cable is only working through
> Affable - not Manwell.  The problem last night was
> Manwell - not the Optus cable, according to Peter,
> as
> the Internet is working fine off Windows/Affable but
> not Linux. Peter said that if you can give him the
> root password -  am i making sense, he might be able
> to fix it - or would you like to contact Menake
> withthe relelvant details? He should be back from
> Canberra by the w/e.  Apparently, according to
> Peter,
> I won't be able to print off Linux files, but that
> doesnt matter at all until next Feb - but will it
> affect your access to Manwell and Satisfactory from
> Brazil?  Does it matter?
> Looking forward to hearing from you, Darling.  Big
> hug!
> Mum
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