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Nathan and Paul

From: Margaret Clausen
Subject: Nathan and Paul
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 18:20:22 +1100 (EST)

Hi Darling,

Great to hear your voice this morning, and to know
that you are okay.  Was sorry I was unable to work
your password more efficiently, - its my lousy
typing-but hopefully with practice!

Got onto nathan this morning, but he is flat out until
Monday and so suggeted that I contact Paul.  He was
n't answering on his extension at uni, but I left a
message with his housemate.  

Nathan was tied up with preparations for a party of
150 to celebrate the fact that his mum has survived a
breast operation for cancer, and the chemotherapy and
radiotherapy, and has been promised another 5 years of
life.  I thought that wsa a reasonable excuse, myself!

Your Dad spent the morning helping at MWSC with the
second hand book stall and I'll do my stint tomorrow-
when your dad is delivering  Christmas tress for CAA. 
Will try to get onto Paul again tomorrow afternoon and
will email you as soon as things are righted, Darling.
 Guess you could be in Curitiba, by the tijme it is
all sorted out.

Do hope that you are having a nice time in Sao Paulo.

With a big, big hug, Mum

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