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block 760606 has no reference? weird

From: Lars Hugentobler
Subject: block 760606 has no reference? weird
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 00:14:28 +0100
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hi, since other programs refused to work with my partition table, i gave parted a try. the partition boundaries were not aligned. i attempted to fix this with a resize operation.

# resize 7 16261.137 19200.00
and received this error message:
block 760606 has no reference? weird

i dont have a printout of that partition, but i wrote down most of it:
1     0.031  19461.666 extend  boot,lba
5   0.062   16002.246   logical FAT
6  16002.277 16261.105  logical linux-swap
7  16261.137   19461.555 logical ext3

i also did a "check 7" which passed the basic test.

i also used gpart to check the table, but the report was missing hdb7.
i'll include the disc structure for you:

primary1: 015 (0x0f) ext dos lba
19461 mb #s (39857202) s(63-39857264)
chs (0/1/1)-(1024/254/63) d (0/1/1)-(2480/254/63)r

in the end, i fixed it the old-fashioned way... backing up, deleting, partitioning, restoring.
parted did a great job there, although tars options were a bit limited.


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