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Re: Running parted *remotely*

From: Philip Mak
Subject: Re: Running parted *remotely*
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 04:55:57 -0500 (EST)

Ok, that was a stupid idea.

<RS-Owen-ASA> what happened?
<pmak> I was trying to adjust the partition sizes so that I could make
better use of the space, but I think I didn't unmount the filesystem
correctly before adjusting it with GNU parted.
<RS-Owen-ASA> then you probably lost your partition completely\
<pmak> There wasn't anything irreplacable on that machine.
<pmak> Are you sure my box is hosed, though? It was working partially just
before I rebooted it.
<RS-Owen-ASA> not positive but we will look at it when we have a chance

I think the problem was that I was not able to unmount the / partition
properly. Even though "umount -v /" claimed to have unmounted the root
partition, it only remounted it in read-only mode. Then apparently it got
screwed up when I resized the partitions.

Maybe it's not possible to unmount the root partition of a running machine
because it has to contain /dev? I'm not sure. At any rate, I made a big
mess this time. Me and my stupid ideas...

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