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Feature Request: Reordering Partion Table

From: David Goodenough
Subject: Feature Request: Reordering Partion Table
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 16:30:58 +0000

I have used Parted in a number of situations, and generally it is a life
saver.  However it lacks one feature that I guess would not be too hard to
implement and would be very useful.

DOS and Windows apparently are very fussy about the order in which 
partition table entries are built, and needs them to be in ascending
disk order.  This is the classic Error #120 from Partional Magic.

Would it be difficult to sort the entries and rewrite them to disk.  I 
suspect that it would change the Linux disk numbers, but then there are 
a number of such changes that change DOS disk letters, and parted does those.
Yes a warning would be needed specifing the changes that had been made but
it would get rid of those annoying fdisk errors in DOS.



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