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The most cost-effective marketing tool

From: Direct email service
Subject: The most cost-effective marketing tool
Date: Mon,10 Jan 2000 22:52:42 +0800

we are the World's Largest distributor of direct company news and other business communications materials.
we can broadcast your web site news or your business, or a new service within your business ( you can add your logo/photo to your press release ) to every Newspaper, Magazine, Television and Cable Channel, AM/FM Radio Station and all major media outlets in the top daily and national newspapers, top industry and segment publications, TV, Radio, and top online news sources in the world.
Direct e-mail service that generates new lists based on the target market for your products/services,we specialize in helping increase business contacts and sales through the use of targeted consumer and business lists.
For more information welcome to:http://www.longf.com

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