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Parted 1.5.6-pre3

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Parted 1.5.6-pre3
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 02:24:11 +1100
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Hi all,

         updated API docs, fixed the regression tests, fixed UI code that
         does stupid things for non-interactive runs and bug fixes.

2002-01-14  Andrew Clausen <address@hidden>
* doc/API: updated to be consistent with the libparted API.  This involved
  lots of small changes, and also the addition of the new PedTimer API.
* include/parted.h libparted/libparted.c libparted/disk.c: removed the PedID
  interface.  It was for a dead-end idea.
* include/timer.h: added some comments
* libparted/disk.c: misc cleanups, added assertions, etc.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table): merged bugfix from 1.4.x.  Nested calls
  to read_tables()  (on nested extended partitions) are moved out into a
  separate loop, to make sure they are called after logical partitions are
  added.  This makes the numbering consistent with Linux and fdisk.  Some
  versions of Disk Druid appear to make such partition tables.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_set_flag): use part->fs_type, rather
  than other magic for calling ped_partition_set_system()
* libparted/linux.c: removed all <linux/*> includes, and copied relevant
  bits into linux.c
* (linux_close): added a call to _flush_cache()
* (_disk_sync_part_table): iterate to PED_MAX(last_part, 16), not PED_MIN.
* parted/parted.c (_timer_handler_timer_handler): don't display a progress
  meter if stdout isn't a terminal.
* parted/ui.c (exception_handler): don't ask the user for another chance
  to select an option, if stdin isn't a terminal.
* (command_line_get_ex_opt): return PED_EXCEPTION_UNHANDLED on error, not
  0.  (They are the same number... just a philosophical change)
* (command_line_get_ex_opt): iterate from PED_EXCEPTION_OPTION_FIRST not 0
  - likewise, same number.
* debug/test/test_disk_dos (test_logical_outside_extended): uncommented
  test, and modified to test that the constraint solver fixes this (i.e. puts
  the logical partition inside the extended partition)
* (test_shrink_extended_too_far): likewise
* (test_outside_boundary): removed.  (the front end will "correct" this to
  a certain amount... there are enough assertions to catch problems
  with this already)
* (test_move_primary, test_move_logical): use fat16 instead of fat.  (fat
  has been removed)


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