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Can you see yourself working from home?

From: acidrain113
Subject: Can you see yourself working from home?
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 11:38:01 -0700

Dear Friend, You are about to discover how you can start your very own Home Based Business working in two of the fastest growing industries in America. But first, please let me introduce myself... My name is Philip. I'd like for you to know up front that I'm not an Internet Guru......Not A Computer Wiz.....And Not a Marketing Genius. First of all let me say this. I don't expect you to believe a single word I say. After all, how many times a day are you BOMBARDED with some lame "get rich quick" scheme on the Internet? You probably get a brand new promise of Instant Wealth every few hours in your e-mail box and if you are anything like me, you have tried a few and been left with nothing but a big hole in your pocket! Well, I've got great news for you! Now you too can make great money right from your home with a company that has a 6 year proven track record of success. In our business "Our Reps Come First." You Can Do It Too..... But I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'll make you rich..or that you'll make gobs of cash just sitting on your couch doing nothing. Why would anyone want to insult your intelligence like that? I will tell you however, that you can cash in on your share of all the money that's being made out there on the Internet. Let me show you how. In fact, I'm willing and want to help you personally. Now I'm not asking you to jump on the first opportunity that comes your way. All I'm asking is that you get the facts needed to make an educated and informed decision about your future. Do you due diligence and get your questions answered. That's what I am here for. Here's how. Call my toll free number. Leave me your Name, Number including are code, and the best time to call. I will personally return your phone call and walk you through a simple system to get your questions answered. I look forward to you call and am anxious to work with you. Call Me Right Now Toll Free! 1-888-445-8997 If you would like to be removed from future e-mails. Please reply with REMOVE in subject line.

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