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Re: GPT name overflow

From: Andreas Dilger
Subject: Re: GPT name overflow
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 13:05:59 -0700
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On Feb 05, 2002  12:14 -0600, address@hidden wrote:
> > BTW: do you also have "suspend to disk" partitions?
> Yes.  There are several types of these.
> http://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/partitions/partition_types-1.html has the list.
> 0x84, 0xA0, 0xA1, depending on the laptop type, BIOS, and tool used to
> create it.
> > Do you think "dell" and "suspend"/"diag" flags wopuld
> > be better than dell-suspend and dell-diag?
> You'll need more than just one dell-suspend.  I know it's ugly, but maybe
> letting people set it numerically, as well as then displaying some text
> based on the link above?

I've been looking at this, and having flags just doesn't cut it for
representing all of the possible partition types.  It's not so much
that I _expect_ to see a lot of partition types, but my application
needs to be able to handle them if they arrive.

What I'm thinking is to add an extra field which is the "partition name"
to PedPartition, which would/could replace the need for some of the flags.
This would allow us to export the "type" of the partition without having
a numeric value (which would be different between msdos and GPT partitions).

For example, LVM, RAID, swap, compaq-diag, dell-diag, msapm-suspend (0x84),
pheonix-suspend (0xa0), and dell-suspend (0xa1), etc. are all partition
types*.  Since it would hold the "name" of the partition, we could use this
for GPT partitions as well (RAID, LVM, swap, etc).  This would also help
in cases where we can only have one "type" of partition, but there are
multiple flags that might be set.

Cheers, Andreas

(*) We can adjust the names if someone has a strong opinion about it.
Andreas Dilger

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