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Information about extended partitions and FAT32 needed

From: Don Mulvey
Subject: Information about extended partitions and FAT32 needed
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:02:02 -0600

>I have a problem with my current windows installation and linux, which are
running on different partitions. I >wanted to reinstall linux and therefore
deleted my linux partitions. Before partitioning, there is a warning
>message that the partition table is inconsistent.

>I have an primary FAT32 and an extended partition with a FAT32 logical
drive for windows.
>And this configuration is detected as inconsistent.

>Now I searched for more information about the partition types 05h, 0Bh,
0Ch and 0Fh because I don't know what's the >difference and which type I

Hi OT,

What tool did you use to delete the Linux partitions?   What tool did you
use to recreate the Linux partitions ... and which gave you the partition
table inconsistent message?   Partition types:   0x5=dos extended
partition,  0xb=win95 fat32 partition  0xc=win95 fat32 partition(lba)
0xf=win95 extended partition(lba).  I think you probably have a mix of lba
and non lba partitions ... your fat32 primary is probably type 0xb ... but
... your fat32 logical is probably type 0xc.   This doesn't sound like a
problem to me ... just an inconsistency.    The partition records dont all
agree to use lba addressing but then  Linux really only uses lba


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