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From: Matt_Domsch
Subject: RE: SPAM
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 22:14:13 -0600

> > is it only me who's receiving so much SPAM over this list ?
> > Since yesterday there were only 3 "real" messages, but 12
> > spam mails (10KB gnu-parted versus 320 KB spam).
> Yeah, it seems to be pretty bad...
> The GNU list admins do have anti-spam stuff, but it has nothing
> to do with me :/
> Maybe you should offer to help, if you're interested...?

Two things:
1) I've taken to passing most mailing lists, especially bug-parted, through
SpamAssassin (via procmail).  That has cut down on my received spam
considerably.  I'm actually subscribed twice to most lists (and have to if
they set subscriber-only posting) - one address which filters mail, and one
which is set in mailman to "nomail", from which I send.  That works pretty
2) On lists.us.dell.com which I run, it was getting pretty bad.  I've now
got a multi-stage spam stopping system that works quite well.  Posts get:
        a) check From, Sender, and X-Envelope-Sender against a killfile,
send to /dev/null if there
        b) Pass message through SpamAssassin, with only a few custom rules
        c) If SA score above 10, send to a caught-spam file for eventual
review (could be /dev/null really - they've all been spam),
           else if score above 5, use mailman moderation feature,
           else post message to list

Only one spam has gotten past all the above in the past several weeks.  That
one was carefully written to come in with a below 5 spamassassin score
(connected directly to the mail server to send message, had valid MX and
reverse DNS, used a real name in the From field, etc).  I added that domain
to the killfile, never to be seen from again.

I'd be happy to show folks what I'm doing.  I'm sure they're dealing with a
higher volume of mail than lists.us.dell.com is, and I'd be very curious to
see how well it scales.


Matt Domsch
Sr. Software Engineer
Dell Linux Solutions www.dell.com/linux
Linux on Dell mailing lists @ http://lists.us.dell.com
#1 US Linux Server provider for 2001! (IDC Mar 2002)

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