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Emerging Stock Market Alerts # CBPEYLM

From: ervsnbsj65
Subject: Emerging Stock Market Alerts # CBPEYLM
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:41:12 -1600



Greetings fellow investors.

If you have no interest in the stock market, please excuse this intrusion.

If you ARE interested in profiting in the investments of stocks, then this may be for you. Nova Stock Picks has an uncanny ability to profile stocks which have immediate upward potential. These undervalued stocks (generally OTC BB --Over the Counter Bulletin Board stocks) are certain to be "in play." Registration is FREE and they never bombard you with spam or junk. In fact, they rarely issue more than one patented "Emerging Stock Alert" per month. To register to receive their next "Emerging Stock Alert" please insert your e-mail address below:


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