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ADV: Wall Street Bulletin - NVHG UP 17% on News of Completed Acquisition

From: address@hidden
Subject: ADV: Wall Street Bulletin - NVHG UP 17% on News of Completed Acquisition... 535462
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 06:06:04 +0300

NVHG UP Over 17% For Monday...

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Strong Buy / Aggressive Growth
Nevada Holding Group, Inc.

Shares Outstanding 5,004,000.....Float (est.) 1,363,000 .....52 Week High/Low.....$1.01/0.15

Short-term Target $3.75

NEWS--Nevada Holding Group Inc. Announces Completion of Acquisition of Providence Cabinet Inc. Following Up Their March 5th Release Of Letter Of Intent To Purchase


Wall Street Bulletin Website -- CLICK HERE

The Wall Street Bulletin has compiled impressive stats with this year's recommendations, having a combined average gain of 185%. In our daily research, we rarely find a company in the right place at the right time with as much up-side potential as Nevada Holding Group, Inc. (OTCBB: NVHG). We believe NVHG will be one of our best recommendations of the year. We are giving (NVHG) our Highest Rating of STRONG BUY/AGGRESSIVE GROWTH.

The NVHG Vision

Nevada Holding Group, Inc. (OTCBB: NVHG) is creating a multi-pronged infrastructure by acquiring asset-based, revenue-building subsidiaries to grow on a solid foundation, while at the same time offering tremendous growth potential. With corporate failures abound and stock prices on most all indices at such volatile fluctuations, Wall Street's confidence in NVHG's business strategy is at an all-time high.

Strategic Investments

NVHG's Mission - To acquire strategic positions in potentially profitable enterprises, increasing the value of its holdings. Each of these companies will be a wholly owned subsidiary and must be a stand-alone profit center, becoming profitable in the first year after acquisition. The companies will be selected for their proven opportunity versus the need for funding and the synergy of market focus. This will minimize the working capital needed and utilize consolidation of overview management, accounting, as well as major purchasing and sales/marketing activities. NVHG believes that this strategy will provide the ability to significantly increase shareholder value, as well as provide capital to support growth in the company's subsidiaries and holdings.

Acquisition of Providence Cabinet, Inc.

Wall Street is now focusing its attention on long-standing companies with solid backgrounds yet rising revenue streams. Many of the popular indices of yesterday are simply too risky for many investors' portfolios today. NVHG saw this trend coming, and as such has completed its acquisition of Providence Cabinet, Inc. Providence offers a solid asset base through current product manufacturing orders as well as increasing potential revenues, and a long-standing background (over 50
years) as a manufacturer of institutional custom cabinets and countertops.

For FY2002, Providence Cabinet is on track to more than double its 2001 production. Given its proven track record, we firmly believe it will continue to improve and expand its client-base and revenue streams. Several potential long-term contracts could afford the company millions in additional annual revenues above and beyond their current projections. 2001 Rev. = $2.25M; 2002 Projected Rev. = $4.8 million.

Profitable, Sound Investing

NVHG only began trading in December of 2001 and is new to the market, so its float is extremely low, offering investors a ground floor opportunity of what will be, we believe, a long-term and profitable company. Recognizing the opportunity for returning to basics, the management of NVHG is concentrating on companies with solid, stable earnings and high profit centers. NVHG's strategy also envisions and will promote opportunities for synergistic business relationships among the companies within its portfolio. NVHG's lean overhead translates into a formidable competitor capable of offering investors an alternative to speculative high-stakes, low-return companies which can easily be down tomorrow as much as--or more than--they may be up today.

Investment Consideration

Consistent future revenue streams give NVHG an unprecedented upside. Based on potential earnings from its first acquisition intent--at an extremely modest P/E ratio of 2/1--NVHG could be worth $2.84.

The NVHG concept is as old as business itself: equity, earnings, and revenues--and they have the management team to make it work. With over 100 years experience behind them, the management team at NVHG has not only the expertise for a profitable future ahead, but the past to prove it.

Future acquisitions of profitable, long-standing companies not only make NVHG a sound investment, but a unique opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor. With a 52 Week High of only $.55, NVHG has great upside potential, and a long-term goal of becoming a small-cap stock on the NADAQ seems very likely.


Wall Street Bulletin Website -- CLICK HERE


This report is an independent newsletter and is not affiliated with Nevada Holding Group, Inc.


The Wall Street Bulletin is an independent research firm with paid subscribers. This report is based on The Wall Street Bulletin independent analysis but relies on information supplied by sources believed to be reliable. This report may or may not be the opinion of NVHG management. The Wall Street Bulletin has been retained to research and issue reports on NVHG and was paid 200,000 common shares of NVHG by a third party consultant. The Wall Street Bulletin and its owners may from time to time buy or sell common shares in the open market or in private transactions without notice. The information contained in this report is not intended to be, and shall not constitute, an offer to sell nor solicitation of any offer to buy any security; it is intended for information only. Copyright © 2002 The Wall Street Bulletin. All rights reserved.


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