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Parted 1.6.0-pre10

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Parted 1.6.0-pre10
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:22:13 +1000
User-agent: Mutt/1.3.28i

Hi all,

The big news is full reiserfs support :)

But don't worry: it actually isn't a big change to the codebase.

It works like this:
* by default, parted will compile, linking against -ldl
* if you have -ldl, then by default, full reiserfs support will be
"potentially available", but only activated at RUN-TIME if
you have Yura's libreiserfs (from http://reiserfs.linux.kiev.ua)
* if libreiserfs isn't installed, then only probe/clobber are
* traditional "no -ldl link directly" is also supported.

Long term, I'd like all file systems supported like this.

I still need to play with bootdisks to see how well this will all fit

BTW: does anyone (Kent?) want to maintain "official" Parted bootdisk
images?  I'd really love it with i18n (so, two floppies may be needed),
and a fairly full-featured kernel.
        I know many non-english speakers don't use the current bootdisks
because they are scared of using parted in english.  (Remember: parted
isn't a mail client ;)

Complete changelog:
* libparted/fs_reiserfs/reiserfs.c libparted/fs_reiserfs/reiserfs.h
  libparted/fs_reiserfs/geom_dal.c libparted/fs_reiserfs/geom_dal.h:
  basically rewrote.  Now interfaces to Yura Umanets' libreiserfs
  which can be found at: http://reiserfs.linux.kiev.ua/
  This patch is mainly by Yura himself.  It supplies a similar level
  of support to that of current ext2 support.  (resize-the-end, etc.)
  Note: libreiserfs has not been widely tested yet.  Use your own judgement.
* configure.in: added a "dynamic linking" option, enabled by default.
  Components that support this feature will only be enabled if their
  respective dependencies are available at *run-time*.  Only reiserfs
  supports this.  (It has a *soft* dependency on libreiserfs)
* updated translations: fr.po gl.po
* debug/tests/test_fs_ext2 (test_mkpartfs): added test for creating 0
  size file system.  (Should succeed, by constraint solver finding closest
* libparted/disk_gpt.c (gpt_alloc): minor bug fix (forgot /512)
* (gpt_partition_new): forgot to initialize gpt_part_data->hp_service
* libparted/fs_ext2/ext2_mkfs.c (ext2_mkfs): complain if the fs is too small
* (_ext2_get_create_constraint): oops, the minimum size needs to be 64
* libparted/timer.c (ped_timer_update): need to cast to long, because the
  language lawyers tell us it is necessary for ia64
* parted/parted.c (_timer_handler): moved fflush() and cleaned up a bit
* (_solution_check_distant): better heuristic
* (main): script mode now means "non-interactive mode".  This might hurt
  some people... please scream if it does!
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_word): minor changes in semantics.
* (command_line_get_sector): use doubles, not long doubles.  (yet-another
  gcc bug work-around)


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