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Say "Hello" to 400 Million customers! TT

From: E Media Service
Subject: Say "Hello" to 400 Million customers! TT
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 05:30:01 -1700

We Provide Consultation, Development, Production,
And Delivery Of Sophisticated, Successful, Targeted E-marketing Campaigns - At Low Cost!
Targeted Delivery Available by:
Geographic (State, National, Country)
Interest Specific
Proprietary Database...
and much, much More!!!

Don't just jam your firm's e-marketing announcement into e-mail boxes!
Grab your viewer before he deletes. Have your special announcement SPEAK or SING to your viewer. For information on e-marketing solutions that make it work, please complete the inquiry form below. One of our staff professionals will contact you right away to provide you the information you need to help your e-campaign succeed!


Inquiry Form

A quicknote - we require all fields to be completed so that we may better serve your potential e-marketing requirements. Information submitted here is confidential, and shall not be shared, sold, or disseminated, in any form. Thank You!

First Name / Last Name:
*Company Name:
*State / Country:
*Time Zone:
*Best time to call:
*Type of Business:
*Product/Service/Announcement to be promoted:
*Deadline for Project:
*What is the dedicated Budget for your Internet Marketing Project?
*Have you tried Emarketing on the Internet previously?
*E-mail Address:
*Web Address:
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