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Does your company stock need to "pick up the pace"? UZNVL

From: Investor Relations
Subject: Does your company stock need to "pick up the pace"? UZNVLBJSH
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 03:58:40 -1700


Our network delivers news, highlights, and investor information directly to millions of investors worldwide.


Ever wonder how a company goes from hardly any volume to hundreds of thousands if not millions of stocks traded the next day? More and more companies are utilizing direct internet marketing to relay pertinent information to serious investors. From company highlights, to news worthy updates, to press releases, millions of opted in investors from a plethora of  trading websites are eagerly awaiting the birth of the next hot stock.

We will help you create, deliver, and track targeted stock promotion campaigns; delivering effective messaging that gets attention. Plus, provide online statistics and reporting analysis that help you make decisions.

Ready to make your company stock go through the roof? Fill in the appropriate information or call 1(800)583-6069 to arrange a consultation and an associate will contact you shortly .We will gladly provide information on previous campaigns, including ad copy utilized and trading statistics, so that you can see for yourself the amazing results obtained from this service.


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