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Trouble booting boot disk

From: robotti
Subject: Trouble booting boot disk
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 15:07:40 +0700


>I am trying to use the pair of boot disks for using parted 1.6.1 in
>order to resize my root partition. However, I can't seem to boot them on
>my i686. I strike 'enter' at the Syslinux prompt, just like it says, and
>then it says to swap the disks and press any key. I do this, and then
>the floppy drive makes a little noise, and then nothing happens. It just
>sits there until I reboot it. I also tried swapping the disks before
>striking 'enter', but then it said it couldn't find the kernel image and
>displayed the boot prompt again.

Can you (fdformat or superformat) the root floppy without errors?
# fdformat /dev/fd0u1440
# cp partroot-1.6.1.img /dev/fd0

    To boot the "part" system on the second disk, just press enter.

    Loading kernel...ready
    kernel boot messages...
    VFS: Insert the root floppy disk (at this point remove the boot
    floppy and insert the root floppy, then press enter).
    RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0 (about 15-30 seconds
    from this point the system should be loaded).

    boot: part foo=boo   "If you want to pass options to the kernel!"

    For more options press the F1 key.

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