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From: smanning
Subject: Hey!!
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 03:28:32

By joining the Diablo Alert Newsletter you will be in a position to receive stock alerts profiling emerging growth companies that we believe to be readily poised and in a position to make a move.

For investors, the difference between an average and a great year is frequently just one or two stock picks. Great stock ideas are found in many different places. The stock market is too large, dynamic and complicated for it to be any other way.

Our specialty is working to spotlight high growth potential, micro cap and small cap emerging growth companies. Our alerts are sent in time for you to research, investigate and make a decision about whether an opportunity is right for you. You will not be bombarded with junk mail. There is ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION, and the service is entirely FREE.

You know that there's valuable information out there that could really help your investing and trading. You do your best to stay current but there's just too much information and not enough time.

Most investors and traders feel that they have to "wade through" a lot of irrelevant information in order to find the occasional good stock pick. Let us do the heavy lifting! One of our primary missions is to continually discover the most provocative emerging growth companies and stock market thinking available and present this analysis to you in a way that respects your busy life!

Obviously, we can't guarantee that you'll get rich by subscribing to our newsletter. However, we are confident that you'll enjoy reading our newsletter and consider it to contain profiles of exciting emerging growth companies.

No web site or newsletter will value you as much as we will.

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Even though our newsletter is free, we want to become one of your most valued stock market resources. Anything less means that we need to improve. Please, give us a try.


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