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Real Estate Agent's Bonus Offers to Customers

From: Christie
Subject: Real Estate Agent's Bonus Offers to Customers
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 08:23:04 -0400

Dear Real Estate Agent/ Company,



My Name is Christie ( I am real) No automated responses here! So don't delete this.

Read the email then delete it if you think that there is absolutely no interest.

I am writing you to interest you in a Bonus Offer for your buyer/ sellers customers


You can give them a coupon for free Satellite TV that I can email you or create your own.



It is available anywhere in the USA ...

Professional Installation, No Equipment to buy,

Covers up to 4 rooms and 4 receivers (so every one can have different channels on)

and first 3 months of service is free!!


Here is the catch.... cause I am certainly not going to try to tell you everything is free!

Basically they have to agree to keep and pay for service for a year.

Which really isn't a catch at all.. since it is less money than cable and if they choose to

get satellite TV.. it is more than likely they are going to want to continue the service longer than 3 months once it is installed.


The bonus for you is you get $50.00 cash each time someone gets a system installed

My bonus, we both know I wouldn't be contacting you unless I had a reason, is that I get an affiliate bonus when you sell.


Basically I would like to make both of us some extra cash, and bottom line in your business this is actually viewed as a bonus / benefit to your customers, as well as an advertising advantage to you. Imagine advertising free satellite TV Dish for listing with you or with any purchase of a New Home.. or come to an open house and get a coupon for free Satellite TV just for showing up. 


They get great service from a national satellite company (Dish Network)

(they would normally have to pay and buy equipment for) and they get 3 months free service, free install ,free equipment ($150.00 +  savings-- great when you are just moving in to a new place) This is a Satellite TV offer that you can give away free to anyone you like. No commitment, or minimums. No risk, No Money required from you.


The last question is how to you sign up? Go to this site and sign up as an affiliate.




Then you will be given your own affiliate ID # which will be the code that your coupon  must have next to the 800 number to call or in your web address link if they choose to buy online.


Tell other realtors who may want to also use this .. they can sign up as an affiliate too!


Last note if you like this idea but just do not want to take the time to fill out the form

and become an affiliate.... you are welcome to use my coupon I can send you by email as is and reprint it and hand it out under my ID.


Thank you for your time and consideration.. and I will leave you with this last thought.. Almost everyone will have either Cable or satellite TV service in their new home..

If they choose Satellite TV with your coupon, you make some extra money and they save some cash, with the 3-month free service promotion, free equipment, and free installation! They appreciate the bonus and might recommend you to another buyer or seller based on all the money you save them. Everyone wins!! or they can get it on their own and no savings to them.. and no cash for you!


Give my coupon or yours with your affiliate number !!! There is nothing to lose!! Email me if want to use my coupon or if you want to have me create one for you. Otherwise you can print out one when you become an affiliate on the website








If you were somehow sent this email in error and are not a real estate agent and are not interested in offering free Satellite TV coupons in your business.. please visit the following link to be removed from any further mailings. Make sure to enter your address or addresses if multiple. Remove me


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