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New Product Announcement

From: Outsource Sales
Subject: New Product Announcement
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 17:42:30 -0700




This note is to inform you of new watchdog board technology for maintaining
continuous unattended operation of PC/Servers etc. that we have released for
We are proud to announce Watchdog Control Center featuring MAM (Multiple
Applications Monitor) capability.
The key feature of this application enables you to monitor as many
applications as you
have resident on any computer as well as the operating system for
continuous unattended operation.  The Watchdog Control Center featuring
MAM capability expands third party application "control" of a Watchdog as
access to the application's
source code is no longer needed.

Here is how it all works:
Upon installation of the application and Watchdog, the user may select
many configuration options, based on their model of Watchdog, to fit their
operational needs.  If the MAM feature is enabled, the user may select any
executable program that they wish for monitoring.

A lock up of the operating system or if any one of the selected
applications is not running, the MAM feature, in
conjunction with the Watchdog, will reset the system allowing for
continuous operation.

It's that simple!

Watchdog Control Center is supported on most Microsoft Windows platforms
(Win9x/WinNT/Win2k) and includes a Linux version for PCI Programmable

Watchdog Control Center Features:
- Automated installation
- Controls all Outsource Engineering Watchdogs
- User selectable Watchdog timeout period
- User selectable Watchdog stroke interval
- Multiple Application Monitoring

Included on the Installation CD:
- Watchdog Control Center
- Watchdog Drivers
- Documentation

For more information, please visit out website at
http://www.outsrc-em.com/ or send an e-mail to address@hidden

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