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"Error: Can't move a partition onto itself."

From: Andrew Biggadike
Subject: "Error: Can't move a partition onto itself."
Date: 03 Jul 2002 19:49:26 -0400

This is where I currently am:
Minor   Start           End             Type    Filesystem      Flags
1       0.031           14880.520       primary FAT             boot,lba
2       14880.520       14972.585       primary ext2
3       16127.754       18567.312       primart ext2
4       18567.312       19077.187       extended                lba
5       18567.343       19077.187       logical linux-swap

I have used parted to resize my 1 partition (FAT) about 1200 megs
smaller, and to move my 2 partition (ext2, /boot) down.  Now what I want
to do is move my 3 partition (ext2, /) down and then resize it larger
(at the end).  This is what I get:

(parted) move 3 14927.586 17367.144
Error: Can't move a partition onto itself.  Try using resize, perhaps?

I've played around with the numbers a bit and tried different things.  I
haven't been able to find any documentation relating to this error
message, and everything I've read indicates that this should work.  Am I
missing something?  It seems like it will only move it to an empty place
on the disk that is at least as big as the partition I am trying to move
- just judging from the success I had with partition 2.  Any help would
be appreciated.  Thanks,


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