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Parted 1.6.2

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Parted 1.6.2
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 11:37:24 +1000
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Hi all,

I think I've fixed that FAT bug now :)  (Without being able to reproduce

* doc/parted.texi: more fixes for name, print
* doc/pt_BR-parted.texi doc/pt_BR-FAQ: added (by Bernardo Jo찾o Torres da
* doc/Makefile.am: changes for the pt translations
* doc/API: misc. fixes
* doc/parted.texi: point people interested in reiserfs to reiserfs.osdn.org.ua
* doc/parted.texi: updated docs for "rescue"
* configure.in libparted/Makefile.am: fixed reiserfs linking issues with
--enable-all-static --disable-dynamic-loading
* libparted/disk.c (_disk_check_sanity): removed ugly MSDOS sanity-check.
  The code's well tested, and occassionally the "insane" condition occurs
* libparted/disk_pc98.c (pc98_probe, check_partition_consistency): made
  probing a bit stricter.
* libparted/fs_fat/table.c (fat_table_read): fixed a bug in the
  initialization of ft->cluster_count.  It was calculating (incorrectly),
  rather than using fs_info->cluster_count.  This was causing assertions to
  fail soon after, in some situations.  This is always harmless (if you
* libparted/linux.c (_mount_table_search): don't confuse "/dev/hda12"
  with "/dev/hda1", etc.
* parted/parted.c (_timer_handler): rewrote, much simpler.  Also,
  friendlier to epileptics!
* (do_check): added a check to see if the partition in busy
* (do_rescue): new implementation: now only searches in a small radius
  around the start for signatures.  Much faster.
* (wipe_line): from parted.c to ui.c


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