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Re: SPAM on the list

From: Mathias Koerber
Subject: Re: SPAM on the list
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 00:24:35 +0800

Mathias Koerber <address@hidden> writes:

I think all that is required is that thelist owner
set member_posting_only to yes
(and/or  potentially fiddle with the spam-posting filters).

I think that this is an inferior solution.  Currently, the GNU
sysadmins are working on a good solution that involves filtering,
etc.  My understanding is that it should be done in the next month.

Without trying to start a religuous war or lengthy discussion,
i´d like to hear from you why you think that restricting posting
rights to list subscribers is a bad idea. It should not inconvenience
anyone who cares (they can subscribe easily and fast <5 mins for me)
and anyone can still read the list on the archives.

If you mean that filtering can add additional safety against spamming
from subscribers, that may be so, but then again recognizing SPAM
is also not 100% error-free, so that approach may also let some
SPAM through while potentially dropping some false-positives.

I don´t see a reason to require list membership for posting, as that
*will* catch all mail from list-non-subscribers and thus
reliably kill all SPAM etc from ppl who just learned the submission
address and don´t care about anything else.

If you could point me at some resources that list the advantages
of the GNU filter implementation, I´d appreciate it.


PS: member_posting_only is available in Mailman *now*, so could
be turned on ina very short time..

PS2: and yeah, may be someone should clean up all those ´ future´

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