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Re: parted --script /dev/sda mkpartfs primary 228 -0 (problem)

From: Mathias Koerber
Subject: Re: parted --script /dev/sda mkpartfs primary 228 -0 (problem)
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 16:59:26 +0800

is using "--" to indicate no more options
a shell thing or a parted thing?

It's a shell thing.

I poked around
the LDP bash howto's and could not find reference to "--"

You might want to suggest to the author that he add it ;)

Actually, it쨈s a getopt(3) [or equivalent function] thing.
bash(1) as shell uses it too for its own invocation etc, but in this
case bash(1) doesn쨈t do anything special. It just hands all options
and arguments to parted in in argv, and parted calls either
getopt_long(3) or getopt(3) which will look out for that
special token to stop processing options.

As such, though it is so common that most programs do not
separately document it, it might be useful to document this feature
in the parted(8) manpage as it does affect options
like -0.


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