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quick question about ext2/3 resizing

From: Peter Jay Salzman
Subject: quick question about ext2/3 resizing
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 01:19:06 -0700
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i'm sure you've been asked this a million times, but i can't find the
archives for this mailing list...

i just used parted for the first time (to resize /var).  it was quite
easy to use.  the only snag is that i couldn't get it to use the reiser
libs.  it kept complaining about about library version mismatch.  my
parted version is

ii  parted         1.6.2-1        The GNU Parted disk partition resizing progr

and the reiser libs i installed is progsreiserfs-0.3.1-rc3.

but anyway, that wasn't what i wanted to ask (i ended up making /var
into an ext3 partition).

keeping the filesystem start at the same location is a pretty dreadful

are there any future plans to allow parted to change the start of an
ext2/3 partition?  or is this just not possible for these filesystems?

i'd appreciate it if you can cc me your replies (or email me the
location of an archive for this list).

much thanks!

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