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Kudos! (and a suggestion or two)

From: Eric Ball
Subject: Kudos! (and a suggestion or two)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:32:34 -0400

Major kudos to you guys .

I recently bought a new computer (AMD XP 2000+ on an ASUS K7N266 nVidia
nForce motherboard, with Seagate 40GB & 80GB Barracuda IV drives), but
Windows XP was on backorder.  So I installed Win98 to get the system up and
running, intending to do a clean install with WinXP when that showed up.
Naturally, after I installed Win98 using a single 40GB partition on the
40GB drive, I reconsidered and decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea to
install WinXP on a separate partition and keep Win98 via dual boot for
anything which wasn't WinXP compatible.

But before I simply did an FDISK and full reinstall, I decided to do a
little Google search and see if there was anything non-commercial which
could non-destructively resize the 40GB partition down to 20GB.  And there
was parted, complete with boot disk for computers without Linux.  So I
downloaded the boot disk, discovered I needed a root disk, downloaded that
and five minutes later, I was done.  A quick reboot and I was in business,
with nary a squawk from Win98.  Wow!!!

The only thing which would have made it easier is if you linked both the
boot disk and the root disk (and rawrite.exe) from the manual and provided
the necessary instructions for using them.

But again, major kudos to you for a very slick application.

Eric Ball/Markham/address@hidden
Advisory I/T Specialist, netCallCentre ASP Offering
Application Management Services
IBM Canada Ltd. H6/D5P/3600/MKM
EBALL at TOROVM1, Tieline 886-1556
(905)-316-1556, address@hidden

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