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Re: question....

From: Woody
Subject: Re: question....
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 08:13:38 -0500
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Keh-Ming Luoh wrote:

I try to make a partition which starts from the head of hard disk and ends to the end of the hard disk.

I check the source code of parted (1.6.5). It seems I can use ‘-0’ to indicate the end of the hard disk.

I tried it in interactive mode. It works. But I need this in non-interactive mode. I tried two ways, and both of them didn’t work.

The first I tried:

parted /dev/hdc mkpart ext2 0 -0

The second I tried:

parted /dev/hdc << EOF

mkpart ext2 0 -0


You shoud use -s option - (script), e.g.

parted -s /dev/hdc mkpart ext2 0 -0


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