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parted documentation fixes

From: Thomas Hood
Subject: parted documentation fixes
Date: 27 Mar 2003 19:21:19 +0100

I have just been reading the parted documentation in order
to learn about parted.  Here is a list of typos and other
comments on the text.  I sent this to address@hidden
a few days ago but there was no reply.

I suggest that all section titles be formatted like
sentences, i.e., Without Each Word Being Capitalized.

I suggest that in the introduction you write something
like this:
     In this document we use the term 'BIOS' to refer
     to the built-in software programs on your machine
     used to access disks and boot operating systems.
     'BIOS' is short for 'Basic Input/Output System'.
     BIOS programs are part of a machine's firmware.
     Firmware is software programmed into read-only
     memory chips by the computer manufacturer and is
     consequently not easily changed.  Elsewhere
     you may see the BIOS referred to as firmware.
Repeat it at the beginning of the "BIOSes and firmware"
section.   Then simply use the term 'BIOS' throughout
the document without repeating that it means roughly
the same as 'firmware'.

There are inconsistencies in the use of "i.e." and "e.g.".
Write them like this:
     blah blah blah, i.e., yadda yadda yadda
     blah blah blah, e.g., yadda yadda yadda
or better, replace them with
     blah blah blah, that is, yadda yadda yadda
     blah blah blah, for example, yadda yadda yadda

Overview of GNU Parted
"between hard disks,"
                  Remove comma
"replicating installations over many computers"
                  "replicating an installation
                  on several computers"
"assumes knowledge"       
                  "assumes that the reader
                  has an understanding"
"back up your important files."
                  "... important files before
                  running parted."
"with `subscribe' in the subject."
                  "with 'subscribe' as the
                  Subject of the message."

Platforms on which GNU Parted runs
GNU/Hurd          check paragraph justification

Using a Parted Boot Disk
                  A block quotation does not require
                  quotation marks.
"inserting the boot disk, and rebooting"
                  Remove comma

Partitioning Concepts
"can not"         "cannot"
"(at the moment, this must be GNU/Linux"
                  Doesn't it work on GNU/Hurd too?
"suppports"       "supports"
"which is largely the same, no matter what systems"
                  "which is largely independent
                  of system details."

Using GNU Parted
"If you're lazy,"
                  "If you're lazy and omit the
                  DEVICE argument,"
"you can specify decimal places in the numbers
corresponding to partition locations"
                  "the numbers indicating partition locations
                  (in megabytes) can be integers or decimals"
"Parted will ask you for it."
                  "Parted will prompt you for it."
"unless it's something that's obviosuly dangerous (i.e. rm, 
mklabel, mkfs)"
                  "unless the command is one of those
                  that is inherently dangerous (namely,
                  rm, mklabel and mkfs)."
                  You should give a complete list of the
                  inherently dangerous commands here.
                  Note the period added to the end of
                  the sentence.
"If this minimum is significantly different,"
                  "If this size is significantly different
                  from the size requested,"
"significanlty"   "significantly"

"Creates a new disk label,"
                  Remove comma
"This command (normally) won't technically destroy your
data, but it will make it will make it basically unusable"
                  "This command usually won't destroy your
                  data, but will make it inaccessible"

"FS-TYPE is required for data partitions
(i.e., non-extended partitions)."
                  I thought the opposite of 'extended
                  partition' was 'primary partition',
                  not 'data partition'.  Clarify.

"that used to be about START and END.  If one is found,
it will ask"
                  "that used to be located approximately
                  between START and END.  If such a
                  partition is found, Parted will ask"

"can be resized, so long as"
                  "can be resized only so long as"
Note that Parted does not require a file system
to be "defragged" (Parted can safely move data
around if necessary).  It's a waste of time
defragging.  Don't bother!"
                  "Note that Parted can manipulate
                  partitions whether or not they have
                  been "defragmented", so don't bother
                  defragmenting the disk before
                  using Parted."
"The device will usually be a Linux hard disk
device, or, if direct access to a file system
is required -- a partition, software RAID device ..."
                  "The device can be a Linux hard
                   disk device, a partition,  software
                   RAID device, ..."

Example: Resizing an ext2 partition on a crowded disk.
                  Remove period from the title
                  "... NEW-START NEW-END"
                  This change needs to be made to
                  all instances of these strings
                  on this page.

"load the first bit of the boot loader"
"executes the first bit of the boot loader"
                  "... the first part of the boot loader"
                  The word 'bit' has another meaning ...

GRUB: The GNU GRand Unified Bootloader
".  Otherwise, you don't need to do anything."
                  "; otherwise you don't need to do
                  anything after manipulating partitions."

The Microsoft Windows NT Bootloader
"to FAT32 partitions, if you want"
                  Remove comma

Operating Systems
"Parted can't resize mounted partitions (this
may change in the future...)."
                  "Parted can't resize mounted
                  partitions.  (This may change
                  in the future.)"
"If you modify the partition table on a disk
with a partition mounted on it,"
                  "If you modify the partition table
                  on a disk that contains a partition
                  that is currently mounted,"
"Linux won't know about the changes"
                  "This is because Linux is not
                  informed about the changes"

Disk labels used by GNU/Linux and FreeBSD
"FreeBSD has a disk label system that is incompatible
with MSDOS partition tables, and a partition slice
system that is compatible with MSDOS partition tables."
                  "... incompatible ..."  ?
"It is unlikely to support the partition slice system"
                  "... in the future"

File Systems Supported by GNU Parted
"if there are any errors in the file system
(and the vast majority of errors in general)."
                  "if there are any errors."

GNU Parted and the Second Extended Filesystem
"doesn't directly support for"
                  "doesn't directly support"
I suggest that this section simply refer to the
Hard-Disk-Upgrade.gz mini HOWTO.  That HOWTO
suggests using "cp -ax" to do the copy.
                   In other cases a hyphen is used.
"start and end for the duplicate partition."
                   "... in megabytes."

Disk Imaging
"Create a 640 disk image file"
                   "Create a 640 MB disk image file"

Thomas Hood <address@hidden>

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