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Windows XP (FAT32) and ext3 problem

From: Lance Duivenbode
Subject: Windows XP (FAT32) and ext3 problem
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 17:31:21 +0800
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Hi all,

I got a friend who I've been introducing to GNU/Linux slowly and he
seems to have caused a real whopper of a problem (so bear with me). He
currently has Windows XP installed on hda1, his Linux swap on hda3, and
his ext3 filesystem on hda6.

Everything was fine until he booted into Windows XP (Pro) and chose Disk
Management from the Computer Management admin tool. The partitions
showed up as unknown, and he closed the tool. However, when he tried to
boot into Linux he recieved errors that grub cannot find the kernel or
/boot. When he loads the Mandrake rescue disk and types fdisk at the
console, all partions appear to be there - although he thinks that some
appear bigger than they were. The real problem comes when he tries to
mount the partition. Some directories and files are shown, but the
majority are missing (to give you an idea fsck says '401' files
processed when it is run).

Although fsck gives no warnings when it is run, gparted warns that the
partition table is incorrect and asks whether I want to ignore or cancel
the check. Is there anyway I can repair the table using parted?


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