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Resizing extended partition?

From: Michael Pang
Subject: Resizing extended partition?
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 10:49:10 -0700
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I have a question about using parted, and I'm hoping someone can clear up 
my confusion.

My system is RedHat 8.  I have access to parted with either the RedHat 
installation CD, or with a Knoppix bootable CD.  

I have three primary partitions, and one extended partition.  The first one 
is FAT32, the second one is for /boot, the third one is /, and the 
extended partition has several logical partitions for /home, /tmp, /swap, 
and for /usr.  All Linux partitions are ext3. (If these choices seem odd 
to you, when I originally installed Linux a few months ago I knew very 
little of where files went, and what the various folders/directories were 
for, so I made some less-than-optimal decisions.)  Now, I find that I am 
running out of space on /usr, the last logical partition.

According to the documentation, parted can resize ext2 and ext3 partitions 
_only_ if the start point for both new and old partition sizes are the 
Elsewhere in the documentation, it is stated that parted can resize 
extended partitions, and there isn't any mention of this particular 

I have already used parted to shrink the third primary partition, and now 
there is unused space between the third primary partition and the extended 

My question is: 
Can I use parted to resize the extended partition, i.e., move 
the start of the extended partition to the point where the the third 
primary partition ends?  If that is possible, I would then create another 
logical partition inside of the now bigger extended partition, and move my 
/usr parttion to this new logical partition.  Is this possible?

Any input, comments, or suggestions welcome.

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