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8th HFS resize patch

From: K . G .
Subject: 8th HFS resize patch
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 04:49:20 +0200


My 8th patch for HFS and HFS+ shrink support in
parted 1.6.5 is avalaible at the usual URL : 


It corrects an annoying bug of the 7th (bad calculation
of the free block number in the HFS wrapper of an HFS+
volume), which prevented mac os from booting after a
This bug didn't affect the hfs plus utils, used to do
my previous tests, that's why I hadn't detected it sooner.
HFS volumes weren't affected either.

To test this patch : download the parted-1.6.5 sources,
apply this patch, ./configure && make, run Apple Disk
First Aid on the volume you're going to resize, use
parted to resize it, run Disk First Aid on the result,
and report me bugs (if your system is still usable to do
so :).

If you don't want to build it by yourself there's a static
version of parted-1.6.5 with last HFS support, for PPC
at :


Shall the spirit of your data stay on your hard drive !
Guillaume Knispel

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