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Re: 1.6.4, 1.6.5: Filesystem has incompatible feature enabled

From: Greg Roelofs
Subject: Re: 1.6.4, 1.6.5: Filesystem has incompatible feature enabled
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 08:26:35 -0700

Szakacsits Szabolcs <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Mon, 19 May 2003, Greg Roelofs wrote:

> > > Wouldn't turning off dir_index (temporarily) solve the issue? From a Red
> > > Hat (beta) release note:
> >
> > >   tune2fs -O ^dir_index /dev/<filesystemdevice>
> > >   e2fsck -fD /dev/<filesystemdevice>
> >
> > OK, that was easy enough, and I no longer get the "incompatible feature"
> > problem; now it's "strange layout":
> >
> >     No Implementation: This ext2 filesystem has a rather strange
> >     layout!  Parted can't resize this (yet).

> What e2fsprogs do you use? The latest stable is 1.33 but its home page says
> only 1.32 ...

I've been using version 1.32 (shipped with Slackware 9.0) to create the
partitions and also to disable dir_index as above.  As I may or may not
have mentioned, the version on the Parted boot floppies, 1.27, doesn't
know about HTrees/dir_index.

I'll go grab 1.33 and see about building that.  I only have 6 MB free
on the partition in question, though. ;-)

Btw, any word on why "move" shouldn't be able to handle an arbitrary
ext3 partition if there's sufficient empty space available?  Surely ext3
doesn't have internal dependencies on the partition's position on the
disk, does it?  (That is, shouldn't parted be able to create an identi-
cally sized new partition, do a byte-for-byte copy of the old one, and
then delete the old one, much like regular "mv" does on files?  Unlike
"copy", everything is under Parted's control in that case.)


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