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Resizing a logical partition....

From: Andy Hock
Subject: Resizing a logical partition....
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 04:48:34 -0400

I don't see any information about this.  Here is a print of my hda (the only hd 
in the pc):

Minor   Start   End     Type    FileSys Flags
1       0.031   54.909  primary ext2    boot
2       54.910  19461.555 extended
9       13939.242 14198.071 logical ext2

I did the make, got parted running, and attempted a 'resize 9 13939.242 

It just gets ignored.  It appears that there is about 4.3 gigs of empty space 
in the extended partition minor=2, and minor=9 is my /var directory, which like 
an idiot I made ridiculously small (don't ask me why...it was 4 years ago, and 
I was prolly drunk at the time, or just general stupidity ;).

There's nothing in the docs I can find about resizing logical partitions.  This 
SHOULD be easy, since the partition I want to change is at the 'end' of the 
extended partition (I guess that means toward the beginning of the disk).

Can someone explain to me how I accomplish this?  I can't use the XWindow 
RedHatAgent to update my system, since it insists on trying to store what's 
downloaded into the /var folder; instead of being nice and allowing me to store 
it someplace else, and THEN replacing the contents of /var.

My only other choice is to *ack* just reformat the stupid drive, and reinstall 
RedHat 7.1.1, and then reinstal postgresql, etc, etc, ad nauseum...never mind 
the network, samba stuff to attach to my w2k server printer..

It would be nice if there was a faq or something, but it's hard for me to 
complain, since there's really nothing else out there that will resize 
partitions safely, and I haven't exactly helped out on this.  One suggestion 
would be to add the LABEL name when using print.  It makes it very hard to 
'guess', or figure out, which 'minor' is the equivalent of which fstab 

Thanks in advance for any help.

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