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Re: Partitioning a logical partition inside an extended partition

From: Andy Hock
Subject: Re: Partitioning a logical partition inside an extended partition
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 00:36:58 -0400

                                   Thank you Andrew for responding.  Here are 
my answers: 

                                   What version of Parted? 
                                   It's the latest verision off the website.  I 
believe it's 1.6.11. 

                                   >You cut the line which says how big your 
hard disk is. 

                                   Sorry, it's a 20GB drive, so the one 
extended partition is fully allocated to the end/beginning of the hard disk. 

                                   >Could you cut&paste what you mean? 

                                   Well, I execute the command as explained in 
the manual, and it just returns me to a command prompt.  When I check the disk 
partions, it's
                                   still set to the old values.  That's what I 
mean by 'ignoring'.  I'm using the commands correctly per the documentation, 
such as it is. 

                                   >Why don't you unmount /var, and mkdir /var 
on your root device? cp the old /var first. 

                                   I'm not sure what the purpose of this would 
be, and I apologize for not knowing what you mean by a 'root device'.  Sure I 
can cp the
                                   contents of var to /user I guess, and umount 
the /var partition, but that won't solve the problem, which is that it only has 
about 250MG of
                                   space, and needs to be more like 2GB's.  I'm 
really at the point of just installing 9.0 on another hard disk I have which is 
80 gigs, but I hate
                                   the idea of having to reset up everything 
again; network, samba, postgresql, etc..  That's a day at least right there.  
I'm also considering
                                   doing this and using the 20 gig drive as an 
*ack* win2000pro install, so I can install Partition Magic.   

                                   >Logical partitions aren't special. 
                                   Ok. But the parted commands aren't working, 
and I don't understand why.  I would think they'd at least give some kind of 
text response,
                                   like 'it worked schmuck', or 'it didn't work 
because you did/didn't do this schmuck'...Instead it just executes and doesn't 
change anything

                                   Andy Hock 

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