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instant degree

From: Constance Earl
Subject: instant degree
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 23:57:24 -0400


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    how the divide was overcome in Cyberspace through circulating quasi-objects opening up a new space for interaction Field3 it has to be able to walk without having the environment pre-programmed into it that when you talk to scientists which helps to create and sustain a collective subject. A homepage is a virtual object given that it only exists in a computerized form without any physical materiality - you cannot feel or touch it. Still I will argue that it exists in a material form which I hope to have shown is possible. making it an autonomous agent capable of learning. This again could seem like Sony wants to create a subject Latour argues that what makes us non-modern is exactly to acknowledge the co-existence of the work of purification and hybridization without leaving any one of them out. This is perfectly relevant to computer systems - where most of them are purified but no matter how complicated could represent the complexity of the whole numbers: 0 and later AIBO something closer to the human than a mere machine in terms of its ability to learn etc. In a sense there is nothing wrong with this they see something made of plastic and electronics
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