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Re: statuscheck patch..

From: B.Hakvoort
Subject: Re: statuscheck patch..
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 13:51:36 +0200

> Yes, we still need to do whatever we can to find out what /dev2/root2
> actually is.  (Whether it be following symlinks or real-root-dev)
> But, after following all the leads, we should end up with a
> major/minor at the end, right?
That's the part i like most about this approach. This way it is clear if
a device is unmounted or some error occured. No uncertaintys anymore.

Hey, thanks for your input! Tomorrow morning i start working on it. (no
time rigth now)


PS. I looked at the pictures at your homepage and i'm still wetting my
pants :-) (NOFI, but as a plain, dutch "jeans-'n-tshirt-guy" your way of
clothing seems very funny ;-)

www.titanium-it.nl --- Open Minded Open Source
www.real-life.nl <-----Another Source

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