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library-naming bug in parted 1.6.12?

From: Vincent van Adrighem
Subject: library-naming bug in parted 1.6.12?
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 14:22:31 +0200


I've been trying to compile parted 1.6.12 on my debian box. There is a
problem with the libraries created.
/tmp/parted-1.6.12/libparted/.libs$ ls
constraint.o  disk_dvh.o   disk_sun.o        libparted-
crc32.o       disk_gpt.o   exception.o       libparted.a
debug.o       disk_loop.o  filesys.o         libparted.la
device.o      disk_mac.o   geom.o            libparted.lai
disk_bsd.o    disk.o       libparted         libparted.o
disk_dos.o    disk_pc98.o  libparted-1.6.12  linux.o
As you can see, the library is called libparted-1.6.12, there's no .so
If you look at the 1.6.11 release, you'll see that these are named
/tmp/parted-1.6.11/libparted/.libs$ ls
constraint.o  disk_dvh.o   disk_sun.o               libparted.a
crc32.o       disk_gpt.o   exception.o              libparted.la
debug.o       disk_loop.o  filesys.o                libparted.lai
device.o      disk_mac.o   geom.o                   libparted.o
disk_bsd.o    disk.o       libparted-1.6.so.0       libparted.so
disk_dos.o    disk_pc98.o  libparted-1.6.so.0.0.11  linux.o
See? libparted.1.6.so.0 (notice the .so)

Any ideas as to the cause of this?

Kind regards,
Vincent van Adrighem

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