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To transfer/clone existing hard drive to a brand new hard drive

From: Stephen Liu
Subject: To transfer/clone existing hard drive to a brand new hard drive
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 07:01:50 +0800 (CST)

Hi folks,

I need to transfer/clone the existing hard drive
(Debian) to a brand new hard drive of unequal capcity,
maintaining the same partition and size.  The
existing/old hard drive will be erased later. 
Therefore the new HD must be bootable afterwards

Old/existing hard - ATA-33, 7G
New hard drive - ATA100, 40G
Motherboard suports, ATA-66 and ATA100
(Remark: the old hard drive works on this motherboard
without problem)

I did the same on another PC several years ago with
PARTED boot disk to transfer WinXP to a brand new hard
drive. The steps taken were as follows;

1. Attached a new hard drive to Secondary IDE.
(I can't recall whether the brand new hard drive has
been pre-formatted or not)

2) Used PARTED boot disk to boot up the PC

3) Transfer/clone the complete hard drive to the new
hard drive.

4) Remove the old hard drive and change the new hard
drive to Primary IDE. Turn on the PC. That is all.

It is very rapid and easy.

I'm quite sure this process also works on Linux with
PARTED. Unfortunaely I haven't a good recollection on
the complete procedure. Can any folk shed me some
light. TIA

Furthermore the old HD is of 7G in capacity and the
new HD 40G.  Can I use the rest 33G for USER.  If YES,
please advise HOW.  Tks


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