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Parted 1.6.13

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Parted 1.6.13
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 16:16:31 +1000
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Hi all,

Hopefully, this release fixes all known bugs introduced in 1.6.12.
It also includes some fixes for detecting if partitions are mounted,
and some cleanups.

* libparted/disk_dos.c (chs_get_sector): a bitmask operation is more elegant.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (chs_to_sector, probe_partition_for_geom):
  replaced 1022 with 1023 for consistency.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): added assertions that
  test if the goal has been met.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table, msdos_alloc_metadata):
  Use PED_PARTITION_NORMAL instead of 0.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_alloc_metadata, add_startend_metadata):
  Now make sure the placeholder/metadata partitions never overlap with real
  partitions.  Should get rid of the "overlapping partitions" error message
* libparted/disk_dos.c (disk_probe_bios_geometry): check if the partition
  is active before querying if it has the boot flag set.  This prevents
  some spurious error exceptions from ped_partition_get_flag().
* libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table): if we have an invalid partition table
  signature, we now ignore the entire partition table rather than processing
  dodgey data.
* doc/API: fixed PedDevice documentation.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_duplicate): now duplicates
* libparted/linux.c (_mount_table_search): now works by comparing device
  major/minor rather than device names.
* libparted/linux.c (_partition_is_mounted, _partition_is_mounted_by_path,
  linux_is_busy): minor cosmetic changes.
* parted/parted.c (_partition_warn_busy): removed the "Ignore" option.
  Users *must* unmount!
* libparted/exception.c (log2): renamed to ped_log2 to avoid clash with
  a new gcc builtin.  Bug reported by David Ronis (thanks!)


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