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HFS Patch 13 out

From: K . G .
Subject: HFS Patch 13 out
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 18:38:12 +0200


I've released HFS Patch 13 for Parted 1.6.12 (I'll port it to 1.6.14 soon) :
Use the '-T' option of patch to apply it, otherwise you will uselessly
rebuild the whole autoconf system of Parted.

I've tested it during 2 weeks and have found a number of bugs
which are now fixed in this version.
The most important one (involving possible data corruption) was 
already fixed in 12.5.

Some bad quality code has been rewritten as well. The relocation
algorithm is a bit simpler and better. But the speed of the search
algorithm is still too slow. I'll rewrite the search algorithm soon
and expect a great speed improvment.

I've also added the '--enable-hfs-extract-fs' in the 'configure'
script. This is _NOT_ for packaging. This option is for debugging
purposes. When used, using 'check' on an HFS / HFS+ filesystem
extract low level files to the current directory. There is still
no useful check anyway.

Remember to save any valuable data, and launch DFA (or Disk Utils
under OS X) before and after shrinking the FS. This might detect
and correct an harmless error regarding the allocation bitmap :
for compatibility with Linux 2.4 I mark any block outside the volume
as used, while apple specs says they should be marked as free.
The tools correct that by marking some blocks outside the volume as free
until a cross block boundary within the allocation bitmap. This
is also compatible with Linux 2.4 because of implementation details,
so you shouldn't worry much about it. Anyway avoid Linux 2.4 to access
HFS or HFS+ volumes.

Guillaume Knispel

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